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CropCraftMC [SMP] {Ranks} {Farming}

CropCraftMC is a fairly new farming server (open since 23rd Oct 2017) with many in-game ranks to earn! These ranks can be earnt by selling crops (and some other items.)

Plugins We pride ourselves on our selection of plugins, which make the game more enjoyable. This includes, but is not limited to: mcmmo, griefprevention and GUI server shops. All of our plugins were chosen to ensure the player’s have a fun time on the server whilst all of their builds/items are safe. We recently also released a new spawn, which includes rentable areas for players to create their own buy/sell chest shops!

Rules Our rules are very simple. Our main rule is that players must be respectful of one another – our community is very important to us, and everyone should be treated fairly within it. Other rules include: no griefing/stealing, no spamming/advertising and no cheating.

Community Although the server is new, we have managed to build an excellent community of players, who are kind and considerate of eachother whilst playing. We hope that you’ll join this community, and look forward to meeting you!