CodeHaven [Semi-Vanilla] {SMP} {Whitelist} {Ma…

CodeHaven [Semi-Vanilla] {SMP} {Whitelist} {Mature}

CodeHaven is a vanilla SMP minecraft community dedicated to maintaining a fun and safe environment where players worldwide can interact with each other. While we do assert that we are indeed very close to vanilla minecraft we do in fact have several plugins which allow staff members to – amongst other things – monitor and administrate the server.

Our most notable plugin, however, is undoubtedly CoreProtect, our anti-grief plugin. The plugin allows us to monitor players’ interactions with the world. If we discover any griefing, we can simply roll it back! Chests are also monitored and we can easily find out the perpetrator. Because of this, there is no need to claim plots on the server. Griefers can quickly be identified and all damage rolled back.

Server Rules:

Respect all players.

PvP is only allowed with the express consent of everyone involved.

Griefing is not allowed. This also includes taking items from containers you do not own without permission.

All hacked clients that which give the user an unfair advantage compared to other players are forbidden.

Whitelist application

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