Vanilla Essence [PVP] {Latest 1.12.2} {Player …

Vanilla Essence [PVP] {Latest 1.12.2} {Player Shops} {Loot Chests} {Iron Coins} {Events} {Leaderboards} {Statistics} {Land Claims} {Custom Plugin}

Welcome to Vanilla Essence, are you ready to embark on your journey?

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You have spawned in a 10,000 by 10,000 world, your objective is to survive and establish a thriving base.

What’s different from standard vanilla servers?

  • Find special loot chests while mining that contain treasure and unobtainable items in survival! Loot chests can be common, rare and even legendary.

  • Collect your resources fast by voting daily and earning great rewards. Some of the best items you can find: enchanted books, shulker boxes, potions, spawn eggs!

  • Challenge yourself by participating in hourly events. Event winners are given a special event loot chest that contains enchanted items and coins.

  • Purchase top tier equipment, tools and weapons from villagers with custom trades that accept iron and gold coins.

  • Claim land and protect your base from griefers. Choose who can build or access your chests.

  • Track your progress by visiting your personal statistics menu via the /stats command.

  • Compete with others and climb up to the top three on the statistic leaderboards at spawn.

  • New! Purchase a plot in the brand new /shops world for gold coins and build your own store to sell goods.

Have fun!



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  • Be friendly, promote a positive attitude and always be respectful.

  • Do not repeatedly send messages in chat.

  • Do not advertise other websites or servers.

  • Do not accuse others of hacking without evidence.

  • Do not use alt accounts for your own advantage.

  • Do not use offensive or inappropriate skins.

  • Do not use glitches and exploits to your advantage.

  • Do not use hacked clients or xray resource packs.