Stonewick [SMP]{1.12.2}{Whitelist}{Adults 18+}…

Stonewick [SMP]{1.12.2}{Whitelist}{Adults 18+}{DynMap}{Economy}{GriefPrevention}

Curious about what it’s like to play on our server? Read Our Player Reviews, See Our Past Reddit Thread, or Check Out Our Player Surveys. We are proud of our reputation as a mature server with a welcoming community of good, honest people. And most importantly, Capin loves us.

We are a tight-knit group of players from all around the world who are looking for similar players to join our minecraft family. Because our players are so diverse, that typically means we are active at all hours of the day! Our server is hosted in Chicago. We provide a fun atmosphere for players in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia with very minimal lag. Our player base is well balanced, roughly 50/50 male/female and between the ages of 18 – 65 (so far). The majority of our players are between 25 – 50 and we also have a strong community of mature university students ages 18 – 25.

We like to do things like jobs, townships, and trading in a more vanilla/RPG way without being too heavy handed with any of it. Our goal is to provide vanilla-feel, with a few semi-vanilla benefits that make it a little easier and more fun. Some like to call it “vanilla with sprinkles”. We just call it fun! 😉

Our spawn was inspired by small-town living like the play style in beloved games such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. We have a strong focus on player economy and town building. We enjoy monthly vanilla quests and holiday events. Stonewick is co-owned by a married couple (jellyplz & pointyy) who are young at heart and hope to meet new friends on this journey! Our staff is well balanced with mature players both male and female.

We aren’t just building blocks, we’re building friendships. The majority of our players are coming from console to PC or are just coming back to MC after a hiatus. We’re a very warm, friendly community and patient with all questions! It’s more fun to learn or relearn a game with friends to help along the way. 🙂 We are a community of mature adults who enjoy wholesome fun in Minecraft and other video games.

We started in September 2017 and have been gradually upgrading our server. We are dedicated owners who are devoted to providing a long-lasting server to our community. We have events planned out for all of 2018 and have plans for 1.13 and 1.14. We are highly organized with a robust wiki, forums, discord, and we use trello for staff event and server planning. By visiting our website, we want you to feel secure that the amount of hard-work we put in means we aren’t going anywhere. 🙂

Key Features

  • DynMap
  • Grief Protection
  • 100% Vanilla Terrain Generation
  • Monthly Enderdragon Fights with Unique Rewards for All Participants
  • Weekly events and contests
  • Monthly Holiday events
  • Percentage Player Sleep Plugin (15%)
  • Emerald Based Economy
  • Player Shops
  • Daily Rewards (Balanced & Fair)
  • Enderman Farm
  • Optional Light-Hearted “Vanilla” RPG Aspects (Quests, Jobs, and Lore)
  • Full Nether Transportation Hub
  • No access to /spawn, /home, or /warp
  • Players earn 1 warp sign after 10 hours of play time
  • Active Discord linked to MC server
  • Informational Wiki
  • Fun superficial plugins (Better Chairs, Brewery, Crates, Decorative Heads)
  • Guided Player Tour at Spawn
  • Newbie Friendly Community
  • Adult Staff Members (Who actually play the game too!)
  • Geeky Jokes & Hidden Secrets/Easter Eggs
  • Separate UHC Anarchy/Farming World “Bloodlands”


Our Promise

  • Strong Community – No Cliques, everyone is welcome here!

  • Fair and equal rule enforcement

  • Reliable admin team (we’re married, after all!)

  • Listen to our community (monthly surveys to request suggestions and hear everyone’s opinions)

You Should Apply If

  • You are 18 or older.
  • You enjoy making friends (we are a very friendly bunch)
  • You like a tidy map (no floating trees or craftbenches)
  • You like cool server events, prizes, and trophies
  • Rules about redstone and respecting players don’t bother you
  • You enjoy world building
  • You love the idea of working together as a community

Who We Whitelist / How to Get Whitelisted

We whitelist players who appreciate the love and hard-work our players have poured into the server and want to participate in its community. We are different from some servers. We work together on things like griefprevention and lag maintenance! This is why we are looking for quality of players over quantity of players.

Because of the high volume of applications we receive, we have certain standards for our applicants. Our whitelist application requires knowledge of our rules and policies, so please take your time completing it. We look for reading comprehension, personality, and maturity when reviewing applications.

Visit Our Website or Read Our Rules

See you in-game!