PandaHell [SMP]{1.8-1.12.2}{Economy}{Grief Pre…

PandaHell [SMP]{1.8-1.12.2}{Economy}{Grief Prevention}{Discord}

Come join our small community! (:

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Server trailer:

About Us We are a small loving community inviting to everyone that decides to join. We have been up since August and we are always adding new things to the server. Right now, there’s only about 3-6 players that play on our server so we are looking for some new people! We can also only have 25 players on at a time due to low budget but we hoping to expand. We provide in game jobs, and friendly player towns. Our goal is to provide a fun community for all ages. Right now, our age group is from 14-25. Our spawn was made by members of the community. We allow anyone to connect with 1.8+, however, we do recommend the 1.12+ due to a lot of builds being built in those versions.

Owner: MerryKristymas
Admin: RandomRedFox
Developer: Yohnicus
Moderator: OctobersSky

1. Respect everyone
2. No griefing/Stealing items
3. No excessive spamming
4. No excessive swearing
5. No exploiting/cheating

We hope to see you online! (: