MinersPlay [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Greylist}{Dynma…

MinersPlay [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Greylist}{Dynmap}{Discord}{EpicWorldGenerator}{16+}{Mature}{1.12.2}


Website: http://ift.tt/2AtYtx6


MinersPlay is a new Semi-Vanilla Greylist server. We are a greylist community meaning that you can join the server without any form of whitelisting. If you like what you see on the server and want to join you can apply to become a member in game. You dont have to apply right away, you can get a feel for things ahead of time. Once you have applied a staff member will look at your application. Once approved you will earn a special advancement.

We have anti-griefing measures in place, you can claim chunks, protect your builds, and staff can rollback griefing and theft. We also have special custom biomes in both the overworld, you won’t find these on any standard semi-vanilla server. We dont have commands for players to use such as /home /spawn, ect. We want this to feel as close to vanilla, without being vanilla.

We promote a low stress community atmosphere. It is a server free from griefing, thieving, and immaturity. We want you to help make us a tight knit community of fun-loving Minecrafters. So dont be shy and come on down and check us out.

Server Rules

  • No griefing, stealing. (Respectable pranks are allowed)

  • Keep the landscape clean, no floating trees, no 1×1 tower, etc.

  • No harassment, bullying, hate speech or verbal abuse, drama.

  • Respect everyone, including staff. Treat others how you would want to be treated

  • No cheating or hacked clients, such as x-ray, and other cheats.

  • Keep it family friendly.

  • No advertising other servers.

  • No asking to become staff or devs.

Discord http://ift.tt/2zOqCi5