ImagineCraft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1….

ImagineCraft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.12.2}{17+}{Community}{Dynmap}{Anti-Grief}{Multi-World}


ImagineCraft is a whitelisted MineCraft server established May 25th, 2015. Most of our player base is within the USA and Canada; however, we do have numerous Europeans (~30% of the player population) (Brits, Dutchies, Irish, Finns, and Swedes) along with a few Aussies. We typically have around 5-15 players online during peak times and even more during special events, 20+. We would love to have you join us in our very community-minded MC world.


  • Your base is protected from griefing.

  • Newer Map! ImagineCraft is now on what we refer to as “Season 2” after a map reset on Dec 14, 2016 after just over 1.5 years of play! So if you’re looking to not be far behind on player economy and still want to contribute in a positive manner, there is room to do so! We performed a map reset for technical reasons as our old map was 45Kx45K and disk space became an issue as well as needing to increase the borders due to game updates introducing new chunk generation behaviors. The community voted for and ultimately approved the map reset. Going forward we are making efforts to future-proof the map from resetting by utilizing a smaller border that expands as chunk generation behaviors change with game updates.

  • Go Exploring! The world is adequately sized with a reasonable border that allows for plenty of room for exploration and contains a vast variety of unique biomes! Feel free to claim an area or two to call your own or take the time to get out there and explore for whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it’s a specific biome or just a really cool landscape with an awesome view of the setting sun. If you find something cool, let us know!

  • Quick Travel – In Season 1, we utilized a warp system that relied on players having a set point to warp to as well as warp from…which was a big boon on a 45Kx45K map; however, with our Season 2 update and utilizing a smaller map, the community has installed an outstanding nether hub transportation system that allows for very fast travel using ice and boats, or jumping, or even minecarts to get where you need to go. You can quickly get from one end of the map to another in mere minutes.

  • MultiWorld – In addition to having an awesome survival world, we also have a creative world (inventory does not transfer) for testing purposes (palette schemes, redstone, etc).

  • TeamSpeak for voice chat so that you don’t have to worry about typing “Creeper” when one is barreling right for your friend and flashing. ssSsSSsSsS BOOOOOM!!!

  • Server Admin/Owner and Mods that play the game just like you do. One of the largest complaints I’ve seen about other servers is immature staff. You won’t find that here and we all know the line between staff duties and being a player so our powers are not abused. Myself, the owner, is 34. My Admin team is composed of players aged 23, 25, and 35. While age may just be a number, these individuals are very mature and conduct themselves in a professional manner while representing Staff functions.

  • There is always a contest, game, or special event that is occurring. We have held build contests, theater events, treasure hunting contests, trivia, and other assorted events. View our video of the Ghast Gauntlet Race or check out our YouTube channel for the most recent videos.

  • Community Wiki. Ever join a server and not know what has been done or where to go? Don’t worry about that here with ImagineCraft. The entire community maintains a wiki that will help you get started, point of locations of interest, plugin commands, farm locations, pvp arenas and how to access them, etc. Plus you also get a tour when you join to show you the important things so you’ll know what’s what.

  • Be Yourself!. Nothing says be yourself than hanging out on TeamSpeak voice chatting with everyone and chilling inside dubtrack (plays songs for everyone simultaneously). Some of our most fun moments on the server have involved karaoke moments. Check out ImagineCraft sings Aqua’s Barbie Girl and a new hit (I didn’t even know I was being recorded by one of my players), me singing Ekzim sings Call Me Maybe. On a side note, it’s a good thing I’m better with computers than I am at singing, hah.


  • As of Nov. 7th, 2015 we only accept players that are 17 years of age and older..

  • No malicious activity which includes griefing, hacking, or theft. We average one ban a month since May 2015. With theft being the leading crime, followed by x-rayers.

  • Player mods that defeat the challenge of playing on a semi-vanilla server are not allowed. An example would be running an x-ray mod or modified resource pack for direct access to ores.

  • Players are encouraged to lend a helping hand and to do things together like exploring, building, working on large-scale projects, etc. We get that sometimes it’s cool to be solitary, but we’re trying to avoid the lone ranger types that just go off and you never see them again. Why bother playing Multiplayer?

  • Be mature (as in, the opposite of immature, not meaning mature as in Rated-R mature) and remember the golden rule, do unto others and you’d have them do unto you. We are all about a positive experience on ImagineCraft and any negative behavior (aside from tasteful pranks) will result in you being banned.

  • Chat is to be kept family-friendly. TeamSpeak has a 17+ channel so you can be “adult” in there if you’d like, but our in-game chat is kept clean as we have a few under 17 that were here before the rule was passed to admit only 17+. Don’t worry, they’re exceptional and completely awesome.

Server Plugins

I do my best to preserve the vanilla feel as much as possible while allowing for certain plugins to be utilized to help enhance your experience. Here are some of the extras:

  • Dynmap – It’s like Google Maps but for a Minecraft server. We even use it for some of our neat treasure hunts, such as Geocaching. Video here if you’re curious about how we do geocaching on ImagineCraft.

  • PvP Plugins(2): We do have quite a few players who like to mix up the PvE experience with some PvP. Globally, PvP is disabled so unless you go to these areas, you won’t have to worry about PvP. We have various arenas setup for Free for All as well as Capture the Flag. If you enjoy PvP and want to build arenas, I’ll work with you to make it happen. The great thing about these plugins is that you can PvP without having to worry about losing your gear as your inventory is saved prior to playing and replenished after the match has ended. Kits are provided.

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) – Ever wish you could still keep in touch with those in game when you’re out and about? No problem. We have an IRC bridge in place that will allow you to keep in touch with those in game on various devices and platforms. You can even just use a web browser instead of an actual IRC application. If you don’t know anything about IRC, don’t worry, our Wiki will walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

Server Specifications (Great Performance!)

  • Located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • Intel Xeon Processor E3-1220 3.10GHz

  • Ram 32 GiB

  • Disk 240 GB SSD

  • Bandwidth 1 Gb Port

  • 33TB Bandwidth transfer/month

Additional Information

  • Community Outreach Blog started April 14, 2017. The purpose of the blog is to give you additional insight into what is happening on ImagineCraft and to learn about our players.

  • Ongoing Reviews – All I did was ask for honest reviews from my players. You can read through the feedback there if you are curious about the server from a player perspective and why they enjoy the server as well as what would they change if they were the owner/admin.

  • We conduct surveys periodically to continuously drive for improvement on ImagineCraft. The latest survey, March 2016 had 42 total responses. These surveys cover everything from play experience, community feel, evaluating staff, and even staff feedback related to their job functions. If you really want to know what we’re about, if you go through this, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. I’m a huge data nerd and this captures ImagineCraft completely. ImagineCraft is seriously dedicated to improving and ensuring a positive play experiences for everyone. Past Survey: Dec/Jan 2016

Interested in Joining ImagineCraft?

Come by and put in an application. Once approved, your access on the forums will be upgraded and you’ll see the server information for Minecraft as well as TeamSpeak for voice chat. If you don’t receive an activation email upon registering, check your spam folder. You will be presented with one anti-spam challenge question during registration that is minecraft related. I have listed the possible questions along with their answers below.

  • Q. What grade of pickaxe must you use to mine obsidian?
  • A. Diamond
  • Q. What are the first 3 letters of our minecraft server name combined with the last 3 letters?
  • A. Imaaft
  • Q. A creeper hit by lightning becomes a _____ creeper.
  • A. charged
  • Q. Don’t pick on these guys in the Nether or they’ll gang up on you (2 words, plural)
  • A. Zombie Pigmen
  • Q. Zombies can sometimes drop what awesome food item?
  • A. Carrot

Thank you

Thank you for reading over this posting and we hope that you are interested to come check us out and join a community of like-minded gamers with talent! We are excited to be able to provide a great environment for you to play without worry of your creations and we’d like to see you develop and cultivate your skills. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced Minecraft player, we’d love to have you be involved with our community.

Thanks again!