Fyrestone [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {16+} {S…

Fyrestone [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {16+} {Snapshots} {Discord} {Hermitcraft-esque} {No Plugins}


Name: Fyrestone

IP: mc.fyrestonegaming.com

Server Location: California, USA

Version: 1.12.2

Staff: Austin (AustinSaturday), Looting (Looting), Mark (MARKKKKK), and Max (TheMaximusjk) are the moderators.

Season 2 Map Reset: December 1, 2017

Season 2 Teaser: “S2”

World Map: Season 2 Map

Our rules:

  • Treat others with respect.

  • You must be at least 16 years old to apply.

  • You must have a working microphone and intend to be active in both text and voice chat.

  • Be mature. Hate speech isn’t tolerated. Swearing is fine but control it.

  • Absolutely no griefing or stealing.

  • No hacked clients. (X-ray, flying, speed, death aura, forcefields, etc.)

  • Do not kill others without their permission, not everyone wants to PvP.

  • All items must be returned to those in a PvP scenario, excluding heads.

  • Build at least 200 blocks away from the borders of spawn and from other players unless allowed otherwise.

  • Keep the server aesthetically pleasing by removing floating trees, filling creeper holes, collecting your boats, etc.

  • Pranking is allowed, so long as it doesn’t interfere with other rules.

  • Inactivity for a long period of time without reason will likely have you removed from the server.

Who are we?

Fyrestone Gaming is a growing gaming community that has been around since April 2017. Our current members are mostly from the United States, but we have some members from Canada, Netherlands, and Australia. Our primary method of communication is Discord and we encourage voice chat to enhance the bond in our community.

On December 1, 2017, we reset our map and began the second season of our SMP server. Fyrestone has a brand new survival map with a 12,000 x 12,000 block border. The world border can be expanded upon world generation updates or player demand. We always update to the most stable snapshot version available to keep the game fresh. The server described as Hermitcraft-esque because it is completely vanilla, no plugins but with a few command block add-ons. Some of our command block improvements includes one-player sleeping, head drops upon death, Enderman griefing disabled, fire spread disabled, entity cramming disabled, additional Shulker shell drops, rare mob head drops, custom villager trades for elytras, and decorative heads. The map has semi-amplified terrain and increased dungeon rates.

Fyrestone is much more than just a survival server. We plan on holding seasonal events, contests, tournaments, movie marathons, game nights, and much more! Many of our members play more than just Minecraft, including but not limited to games such as Rocket League, Player Unknown’s Battleground, Tabletop Simulator, Golf With Your Friends, Garry’s Mod, Overwatch, ARK, Rainbow Six Siege, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Youtubers and streamers are welcome on Fyrestone because some of our own members are content creators as well. We strive to maintain a tight-knit community, so because of this we must restate that if you are not comfortable joining Discord and communicating both vocally and through text, then this is not the server for you.

What kinds of players are we looking for?

Fyrestone Gaming is looking for members who want to be active and collaborative. As previously mentioned in our guidelines, we require you have a microphone to communicate with voice chat to ensure a close bond with other members. We want people who want to be part of a community by participating in events and discussions. You do not have to be the best redstoner or builder to be accepted, we prefer a dedicated, fun and interesting person over an isolated technically-skilled player. Fyrestone provides more than just a Minecraft server, therefore we are also looking for members who are open to play other games with us.

We are not looking for players who just want to isolate themselves and AFK farm all night. We do not want people who will only use text chat and don’t participate in discussions or events.

How Can I Apply?

To be a part of our community please ensure you have thoroughly read all the guidelines and server information. Once you are ready please apply using this Google Form.

If you do not get a response within 48 hours it is likely that you haven’t been accepted.

Thank you for reading about our server, we hope to hear from you soon!