EVGaming OCE [Modded] {FTB Infinity Evolved} {…

EVGaming OCE [Modded] {FTB Infinity Evolved} {Sydney Australia} {Growing, Helpful and Friendly Community}

Welcome to EVGaming.net

About us: A new community based in Sydney, Australia dedicated to providing the best gaming experiences to players in the Oceanic. While we welcome players globally, we can only guarantee an optimal experience for Australians. We use our very own hardware and have complete ownership of our warehouse located in Liverpool, dedicated to hosting our servers. Our server is moderated by a team of professional staff who do not intervene in player affairs unless absolutely necessary.

Our server: A no-frills experience with FTB Infinity Evolved 3.0.2. Play as you would in Singleplayer, with a few added guidelines and rules to improve the quality of life and consideration for other players. There are no fancy spawn zones, no fancy custom content. Play the way the modpack was meant to be played! Look in one direction and go!

Our Rules: Visit our website (www.evgaming.net) to read up on our rules and guidelines. The only rules we have are to not haphazardly generate dimensions as they may cause errors and ultimately crash the server, as well as no griefing/harassment of other players. PvP is acceptable to a degree. Other rules are just general etiquette.

We look forward to seeing you!

Website: http://www.evgaming.net Discord: http://ift.tt/2jSZiZa