Euphoria [Vanilla] {Hermitcraft-like} {Whiteli…

Euphoria [Vanilla] {Hermitcraft-like} {Whitelist} {16+}

Hello and hopefully welcome to Euphoria!

We are looking for a couple of new players to join us! The server has been online for a couple of months and everybody has been doing their own things on the server. We haven’t really done any group projects so far. The server is very much like Hermitcraft, we run some of the same command blocks and have the same world seed. Due to quite a few inactive players, we are looking to add some new players to our community. The server is based in France and has 6GB of RAM. We have players from all around the world, without anybody experiencing any lag.

The server is on the latest version of vanilla minecraft. I always wait before updating to the next version until Optifine has updated to that version too. There are no plugins on the server, but we do run some command blocks:

  • 1 player sleeping

  • Enderman griefing disabled

  • Shulkers drop 2 shells

  • Enderdragon drops elytra and dragonhead

  • AFK-detector, after 5 minutes of standing still, there will be an announcement in chat and your player’s name will change color.

Server Rules

  • No stealing and griefing.

  • PVP is allowed if both parties agree to it

  • Swearing/cursing is allowed, as we are all (young) adults. We do not allow racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination against anyone on the server.

  • Modded clients are not allowed and you will be banned for using them. We do allow Optifine, minimap, fullbright and schematica, as they are not really giving you a big advantage over the other players.

  • Camera accounts are allowed

  • Clean up behind you! If a creeper explodes in a public place, please fix the damage. Don’t leave chests everywhere on the server and please place signs on chests and buildings in public places that belong to you.

Other info about the server

  • The server seed is public

  • Difficulty is set to hard

  • Firespread is off

  • Pranks are allowed, as long as you don’t damage any buildings or terrain

We have a public town, where everybody can build a starter house and a shop or 2

We use discord to keep the community updated from any changes, new members, etc.

How to join

We are really looking for players to join us for the long run. If you are interested in joining us, please provide the following information:

  • IGN

  • Age

  • Location and timezone

  • Your plans for the server, what would you like to build and achieve on here

  • Are you interested in doing group projects or do you prefer to build a base on your own?

  • Discord name and #