Chronicles SMP [Semi-vanilla] {whitelist} {1.1…

Chronicles SMP [Semi-vanilla] {whitelist} {1.12}

Hello all, I’m currently seeking more players for my SMP server. We are whitelist, since it is initially a friends only server, but I’d like to branch out and include some additional people who are mature, friendly and active.

I encourage cooperation and collaboration, but you are also free to go off and do your own thing as well.

The map is still fairly new, and unexplored, and I intend it to be a “forever” map, unless something is released which forces us to restart, or we are all in agreement that we should reset.

I only have a few rules; 1. Be respectful 2. No Griefing, Pranks are allowed, as long as they don’t do serious damage to the other player/base. (No pranks that kill the player, damage building in a manner that it can’t be easily rebuilt) 3. PVP is allowed, as long as both players are in agreement. 4. Stealing from other players is not allowed, if you ask I’m sure that people will be happy to share if you need something. 5. If you need something, or have suggestions for the server, just let me or my Moderator know, and we’ll make the decision(s) after talking it over.

Please DM me for the discord server details, and if I think you are a good fit, I’ll whitelist you.

Details needed: Discord name, in-game name, world region/timezone, age (you can skip this, i just like to know how old people are, but I’m not going to base my decision on your age; I’m 32).

Thank you!