Yesdog’s Crafty Craft…

Yesdog’s Crafty Craft [Creative][SMP][Minigames]{McMMO}{Dynmap}{Economy}{Family Friendly}

Yesdog’s Crafty Craft is an up-and-coming and well-crafted server featuring several classic game modes as well as mini games and a functional economy. Come join us in McMMO survival, factions survival, creative, or one of the many big-winning minigames!

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All worlds

  • Economy with balance that follows you across all of our servers and game modes.

  • Vote rewards.

  • Grief prevention.

  • DynMap for a Google Maps style world map.


  • Join us in the never-ending fight fight for the ruling seat of the land!

  • Led by the peaceful kingdom of Valyria.


  • Stake your claim and make your mark in the brutal yet beautiful lands.

  • Cash in your hard-earned money at our material store or auction house.


  • Golden shovel claims keep your masterpiece safe!


  • Sky Block

  • Sky Wars

  • KitPvP

  • Prison

  • Hunger Games


  • No griefing.

  • Family friendly, no harsh language.


  • IP:

  • Website:

  • Dedicated server out of Colorado

  • Cloud backup, CoreProtect, and more!