Scarlet Ashes [Semi-Vanilla]{SMP}{Greylist}{1.12.2} Scarlet…

Scarlet Ashes [Semi-Vanilla]{SMP}{Greylist}{1.12.2}

Scarlet Ashes – Vanilla Gameplay, Community Oriented

Brand new map, only a month old! End is not explored, closed until event! Updated to 1.12.2 Spawn construction still in progress Website, application to play, greylist
Scarlet Ashes is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server with community as the focus. We only use plugins for anti-cheat, reintroducing infinity/mending bows, and fixing issues servers might face with scarcity (i.e. Shulker Boxes or Elytra.)

Scarlet Ashes is a small and until recently veteran-based server from our old community (Scarlet Embers) which has several helpful and mature players. We are currently looking to raise our player base considerably and we aim for having at least ten people on at any given time. Our map is relatively new. It has been open for a month now so there is some progress, but still a lot more to be made. Staff can always be reached for anything required, and we have a very active discord with a friendly drama-free community. If you fit this bill we would love to see you on the server. We hope to cross paths in-game soon!

Our Team

  • Admins: Dall619, Destyrene
  • Mods: Sorkijan, WaterCurses
  • Community Directors: SpleenyJunior, Vasuvo


  1. Be respectful, mature, and understanding.

  2. No hacking, cheating, flying, X-Ray, and all things related.

  3. Do not build within 200 blocks of another person without permission.

  4. Do not steal from other people, take things that do not belong to you, etc. unless it’s marked otherwise.

  5. Respect and listen to the staff. We are reasonable people, just talk to us like we are.

  6. No PvP unless agreed upon

  7. No griefing period.

  8. No Offensive or inappropriate skins.

  9. No unclean redstone. (Don’t break the server).

  10. No entering the end until the end event.


We ask that all players submit an application to be whitelisted before they are allowed to play fully on the server. This is just so we can make sure the people on our server aren’t hackers, trolls, or anything of the like. The applications are for showcasing personality and experience of the game, so the Staff can get a feel for who you are as a player. They can be rejected for several reasons. The longer and more detailed, the better. Use our Quick Apply Form.