DogmaCraft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{Discord}{1.12.1}{12…

DogmaCraft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{Discord}{1.12.1}{12 Slots}{No Reset}{No Plugins}


DogmaCraft is the server without a world reset. We want to preserve all the work and effort you put into you builds. Besides the server a Discord channel is used by the community and as soon as possible I want to test a DynMap. Every player is free to build wherever and whatever he wants. A beautiful world with lovely cities is our goal. We use a city-concept without any plugins. We keep us to the rules to finish buildings in a certain time and keep the same building style within a city.

It is important to us that every player stays in touch with the community and feel comfortable.

At the moment we use a world border of +- 5000 blocks around spawn to keep everything together. Every biome is available. We will increase the world with new updates.

Some small changes are done to increase the fun on playing in the world. First of all the player heads drop and Enderman griefing is disabled. Additional the world options are changed slightly. Iron and gold veins spawn a little bit bigger, so that the need for a iron and a gold farm is reduced a little bit. A bit more challenging is caving, because of the increased dungeon rate.


• PvP after consent • continue the style of a existing city • keep the proportion of you builds depending on the environment • be nice and friendly (no griefing, no TNT pranks, no harsh behaviour, etc.) • farms and buildings in the spawn chunks are public and free to use • use existing collection areas for certain materials

What we are looking for:

New players need staying power building big projects and get to know the community and follow the process of a growing community. But besides these serious things you need a big enjoyment of playing together. We don’t require a special age (18+ or so) to apply, but we require a mature behaviour and some life experience.

Please apply with the following information and remember short answers are not always good:

► Minecraft name

► Age

► Experience Singeplayer / Multiplayer

► Preferences of the gameplay

► Where are you “ingame” in one month

Please apply on

► You can get all important information from the following video:

► YouTube