[Wanted][Realms][Vanilla][SMP]{Economy} I’ve joined many…


I’ve joined many realms in the past however they usually end up being abandoned or discontinued. I’d really like to join one where the focus is building towns or random houses/buildings. Think World of Keralis server if you’re familiar with it. Economy (since there are no plugins) would be sort of like a player built economy, with different shops and such around different towns or contractors like builders or landscaping etc. It obviously doesn’t have to be like that, it’s just the general feel I’m looking for. I’d prefer if the realm I join is 18+. I don’t have anything against kids but they usually can’t build as well and tend to be on the annoying side.

My discord is Kraci#9871 and my IGN is Kraci. Feel free to add me on both. I can send pictures of builds if you’re curious about my skill. Also I’m terrible at PvP (and PvE) so probably won’t be doing much of that.