UltraCraft [SMP]{1.12.2}{Family-Friendly}{Active…

UltraCraft [SMP]{1.12.2}{Family-Friendly}{Active Staff}{Jobs}{Economy}{McMMO}{Creative}{No Whitelist}{GriefPrevention}{Marriage}{Anti-Grief}{Survival}


Server Address: ultracrafttowny.mcph.co

Website: Ultracraft

Discord: Discord

Twitter: Twitter

CUSTOM Plugin Trailer: Wands!

Facebook: CLICK ME


  • In-Game Ranks (use /rankup)

  • Active Staff

  • Warm, family-friendly community

  • Catalog / Creative World (buy and sell builds/redstone contraptions and more)

  • Harry Potter / RPG elements running throughout

  • Wands

  • Spells

  • Classes

  • Dynmap on our website

  • Seasonal Events

  • Treasure chests around ‘Ultra’warts

  • Skyblock

  • McMMO

  • Jobs

  • Server / Player Shops

  • Marriage

  • Survival

  • Resource worlds that reset every 2 months

  • Economy

General Server Rules:

Some of these rules will carry over to the website or vice versa.

+Advertising You may not advertise or discuss other servers, server IPs or mention other servers to players. This applies to any chat type in-game or on the website. If an IP is mentioned or discussed you risk your account being banned from the server/site.

+Cheating You are not allowed to use any sort of cheat or exploit to gain an advantage over other players. AFK machines are the exception. Rule of Thumb: if you’re not sure if something is allowed, ASK before using. This does not include the community. Ask a staff member. Punishment on those cheating will depend on the severity of the cheating.

+Griefing (and stealing) Destroying other players blocks without their permission is against the rules. Giving a player permissions to your plot or town is indirectly giving that player permission to break your plots (this includes setting towns and plots to public). If you have given a player permission to your plot and something is broken that is on you as you put trust in this player.

+Hacking Modifications to your client that give you a substantial advantage over players are not allowed, for example X-Ray modifications. The only modifications that are allowed are those of like Optifine where it helps with performance but doesn’t give any advantage in-game. Minimaps are allowed as long as it’s just that, a minimap. Minimaps that include mob trackers and cave finders are not allowed. Again, if you have to question whether a mod is allowed, ask a staff member before installing or using.

+Swearing UltraCraft is a family-friendly server therefore no swearing on the website or on the server is acceptable, this includes any chat channel including private messages. This also includes abbreviations such as “GTFO” or “LMAO”.

+Trolling Trolling and annoying players is not allowed. Deliberately provoking players for fun or for example, “tricking” a player into breaking the rules is not allowed. Respect will fall into this category. Treat those with respect as you would like that respect to be reciprocated.

+Spamming This applies to both in-game and on the website. No excessive messages should be sent within a short amount of time. Spam can include song lyrics, random formations of letters, repetition of letters or words and so forth. TPA requests will fall into this category as well.

+Respect Each player will show respect to other players and staff members. There will be absolutely NO toleration on bullying or disrespect to any player on the server. If you are being bullied on the server or on the site, please report (along with screenshots) the bullying to a staff member.