TrueSurvival[SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{GriefPrevention}{1.12.1} IP:…




TrueSurvival SMP is a real community server, the community atmosphere is valued and encouraged. We are a brand new server owned by two IRL friends, with a mature, supportive and above all friendly staff. Our goals is to give you a true survival Minecraft experience.


Our aim is to keep the gameplay itself as vanilla as possible. We offer basic commands that make in game colaborations a little easier. We for example provide commands like: /tpa, /spawn and /back.

Our server provides grief protection and the ability to claim land and only give access to people you trust, preventing griefing and raiding, allowing you to not worry about your land and possessions and enjoy your stay!


  • Do not grief another person’s build.

  • Do not build intentionally ugly structures.

  • Do not destroy the natural environment without reason.

  • Do not spam.

  • Do not use hacks or mods.

  • Follow moderator and admin instructions.

We promote a friendly and enjoyable environment, allowing everyone to enjoy the game to the max!