Simple Survival [Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.1} {PVE} {Dynmap}…

Simple Survival [Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.1} {PVE} {Dynmap} {Discord/Forum} {No economy plugin} {Player Shops} {Grief Prevention} {Community}

  • Name: Simple Survival

  • website:

  • Opened: February 15th 2017

  • version: 1.12.1


  • Tripled Spigot(server) spawn values to closer match vanilla mob/animal spawn limits.

  • Dynmap

  • No map resets

  • No game altering plugins like McMMO, the only other plugins you will notice as a player are:

    • Homes (3 per player),
    • Claims through griefprevention
    • Warps for public server resources
  • Dedicated server located on the US eastcoast to ensure maximum performance for our players.

  • Custom public warp plugin that allows players tp set up and move public warps themselves to show off their build/base to others (1 per player).

Mall with playershops (only item-for-item, no adminshop)

Public farms including 2 Enderman farms

PvP arena (built in survival)

Speelf arena (built in survival and commandblock operated)


  • No major unwarranted griefing, we have GriefPrevention AND Lockette in place to prevent this. (If you need more claim blocks, ask the owner/admin or create a ticket.)

  • Stealing is allowed if you wander upon a unprotected area. (claim your area and/or use lockette to protect your items)

  • Trapping players in an attempt to kill is not allowed. (PVP only in the pvp arena)

  • No hacking(xray, flying, and so on), minimaps and optifine are allowed (no entity tracking).

  • Use your common sense and be nice to other players. No exploiting and glitching.

  • No rules in terms of what you can build.

Idea & Description

When i started playing Minecraft back in 2010, on a server called GameSketch, minecraft was more simple. There was no PVP on the servers, and people generally were nice and didn’t grief each other. That’s what i want to recreate, a tight knit community where people know and like each other, a server where people can create huge things together, like monuments.

When you first spawn in, you are greeted by a simple spawn (built in survival) with a few rules and information signs. After that, you can walk to a random teleporter, marked by a Steve head. Click this head and you’re teleported to a random location. If thats not quite your style, im sure there is someone that would be willing to have you live close by.

We look forward to seeing you!

-BunnySlayer, admin of SimpleSurvival