Fwoup High School City Roleplay [Adventure] [Minigames]…

Fwoup High School City Roleplay [Adventure] [Minigames] {roleplay}

Have you wanted to have the greatest high school experience of your life? Well you can by enrolling at Fwoup City High School!

At Fwoup City, we offer great games, interactive areas and npcs, and an immersive high school experience! We currently have paintball, pvp, parkour, spleef, and a mob arena set up! We hope to add many, many more features in the future like more games, more areas to explore, and plots!

(Please bear with us as this server is a still a work in progress! We hope you have a great time for now!)


  1. Be Respectful of other players.

  2. No excessive swearing.

  3. Do not ask for staff.

  4. No hacking/PVP Hacking.

  5. FailRP is not permitted.

  6. No inappropriate skins, houses, or apartments.

  7. No AFK pools. Will result in TEMPBAN.

  8. Do not abuse the rewards systems.

  9. Do not advertise other servers. PERMABAN.

  10. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

IP: play.fwoup.com

Discord: http://ift.tt/2xL2cFk

Website: fwoupcity.enjin.com/