Diamond Diaries [PVE] [PVP] [SMP] {Shops} {Economy} {Crazy…

Diamond Diaries [PVE] [PVP] [SMP] {Shops} {Economy} {Crazy Enchants} {Dynmap}

Welcome to Diamond Diaries!

We are a non-whitelist, family friendly server and have a few plugins to enhance your Minecraft experience!

Economy and Essentials: we implemented a monetary system in-game that allows you to purchase multiple items in-game. There are shops around spawn where you can buy building materials, tools, weapons, armor, and custom enchants! Sell your ore and/or resources to get money to buy what you want!

We have a PVP arena that is dedicated to those who want to test their PVP gear and abilities.

A dedicated dynmap is available to you so you can keep track of where you’re going and where you want to go!

Commands such as /sethome and /home are purchasable in the Shops. /spawn is available to you immediately upon login!

Server address: play.diamonddiaries.us Dynmap address: map.diamonddiaries.us Discord channel: http://ift.tt/2zgCswP

Website will be available soon to keep track of updates incoming, and our Facebook page is live now, just search Diamond Diaries there and Like it to stay in the know.

Active mods and owner make sure this is a great server to build and battle on!

We have simple rules that apply to everyone: be respectful of players, their lands they claim, their builds, and no stealing or taking advantage of anyone or anything, including an error found on the server. Keep it fun and lighthearted!