Corbacraft [SMP]{1.12.1}{Family-Friendly}{Skyblock}{No…

Corbacraft [SMP]{1.12.1}{Family-Friendly}{Skyblock}{No Whitelist}{Economy}{GriefPrevention}{Marriage}{Network}{Factions}{Anti-Grief}{Survival}


Server Address:

Website: Corbacraft

Twitter: Twitter

Owner’s Youtube: Youtube

Server Instagram: @Corbacraft

Owners Instagram: @Ergology


  • In-Game Ranks (use /rankup buy)

  • Grief Prevention

  • Crates/Crate Keys

  • Awesome/active staff team

  • 3 Different servers on one network – choose your ‘home’

  • Core Protect – don’t worry about grief! We got you covered!

  • Auction House System

  • Player Shops

  • Marriage

  • Great/Active Staff

3 Survival Servers:

+Lothar Survival: The Lothar Survival server brings a feel to Minecraft that most servers only dream about having. With a giant medieval city, you have the ability to roleplay with many different jobs, a custom economy, and much more! Lothar is a server that you would join if you love to collaborate with players and new friends you meet along the way! Together, the players and the amazing scenery around the server, Lothar helps mend friendships that can’t be broken.

Lothar Video Showcase

+Philia Survival: The Philia Survival server allows players to get a little bit more risky with their items they acquire along their Minecraft journeys. Philia is the only server on Corbacraft that allows players to PvP against each other in several worlds (end/nether and mine world along with the PVP arena). Here, PvP tournaments allow players another way to edge out their friends not he server. This is also a big way to win CorbaCash on the server! With this PvP arena players are able to battle 24/7 whenever they want.

Philia Video Showcase

+Aurelia Survival: The Aurelia Survival server brings a more traditional survival feel to Minecraft. Here players can live in a normal survival life with building, exploring, mining, and much more that Minecraft has to offer. Here players get the chance to share their builds as well as explore and gather resources. Resources players gather can be sold in players personal shops.

Aurelia Video Showcase

Other Servers that Corbacraft has to offer:

+Skyblock: Skyblock is everything you know and love about Skyblock and more! Advance through mini challenges and grow your island to make it the best island! Our Skyblock server has a lot of fun features and donator ranks that can help you on your way to Corbacraft’s best Skyblock island! Skyblock also features crates where keys can be used to get items in-game that will help grow your island.

Skyblock Video Showcase

General Server Rules:

These rules carry across the entire CC network including the forums.

+No PvP (except in certain places on Philia) or Griefing

+Donator kits items cannot be sold

+Respect yourself and everyone else

+No inappropriate builds

+Diamonds must be sold at least $100 PER diamond

+Absolutely NO advertising

+Claims need to be at least 50 blocks away from others

+Grinders need to have 2 lamps to turn on and off

+Only speak English in main chat

+Please keep server family friendly and clean

We hope to see you join us on Corbacraft! We’re a friendly bunch who likes to have fun and help keep the environment just as friendly and fun!