Chertia [SMP] {BiomeBundle} {RPG} {Events} Chertia – 1.12.2…

Chertia [SMP] {BiomeBundle} {RPG} {Events}

Chertia – 1.12.2 Survival


Please note that new players who come on and quickly break any rules will be permanently banned without warning.

Description: Chertia is a Minecraft server focused on the gods and how those gods interact with the players. It has been running since January of 2015, and is now almost fully self-coded, with a variety of custom items, enchantments, and mechanics. We have story events every week where the gods come on and interact with the players. You can follow a god by doing /gods.

  • Custom items: The server has a variety of custom items for you to check out, including Lightblade, Flippers and more!
  • Keep inventory: When you die, your inventory won’t be dropped! As more is added to the current world, there will be consequences for death; however, right now, nothing will be lost when you die!
  • Custom terrain: Our current world uses BiomeBundle and features some popular spots for new players to build. Come check it out!
  • RPG elements: The server contains a bunch of new RPG elements to enhance the vanilla experience. For example, NPCs and shops have been added to the Spawn town!
  • Detailed recap and changelog: Never miss a thing! Every notable change to the server’s code is announced in a special channel on Discord, and story event recaps are put on our subreddit.
  • Custom resources: Created by Giron and nevakari, our resource pack contains some cool custom textures for renamed items!

Server Rules

  • No major griefing or stealing (minor is fine).
  • No hacked clients or game-changing mods.
  • No spamming chat unless approved or started by a staff member.
  • No targeted slurs, hate speech, or harassment.
  • Do not disrupt story events.

The staff team of Chertia reserves the right, in extreme cases, to give out punishments without warning or a specified reason.

Subreddit: /r/newchertia

Introductory Post: Here!

Discord: Here!