World of Silversun [PVE]{18+}{Whitelist}{1.12} The World of…

World of Silversun [PVE]{18+}{Whitelist}{1.12}

The World of Silversun

The World of Silversun is a small whitelisted minecraft server with a strong medieval-fantasy theme. We specialize in building small villages and walled towns, castles on rocky outcrops overlooking the endless sea. Wizard towers and Dwarf Fortresses joined by winding lonely roads that meander through haunted mountains.

The server has been around since April of 2014. We kept our first map for 2.5 years. We started a 1.11 map in November 2016, with the intention of keeping the map for at least the same amount of time. The map has been up for about 8 months now,and we recently updated to 1.12, expanding the map (parrots!) in the process.

We enjoy group projects and working together. Our goal is to build a consistent, strongly themed world that we create as a group.

We use Grief Prevention , Chest Shop and Iconomy7. There is one server owner an admin and three moderators. Some of us have been playing together for years, we are a friendly and helpful group of Dungeons and Dragons survivors prone to naming things in Sindarin. We do all this in Survival Mode with the server set on Hard and an increased mob limit.

If this sounds like something you might like to get involved in, please message me or respond on our enjin forums.

The Rules

This is our free time. Don’t be unpleasant and build in theme. That is pretty much it, and if you need a long list of behaviors that are unwelcome this might not be for you. We are friendly, thoughtful and courteous. You can read more about our rules on our forums in Edicts and Proclamations.


We ask that you apply on our forums and take a moment there to tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to join. Apply on our forums here.

-Ordie1 (moderator)