THUGCRAFT [Vanilla][SMP] {EU}{18+}{1.12.2}{Hard}{Whitelist}{Discord}{Backups}


If you’re after a high quality, pure vanilla Minecraft server which has reliable, powerful hosting with backups, a flat power structure (we run it together, op powers have only been used twice), and an awesome community, then consider Thugcraft. 🙂

Who are we?
We’re a few friends from Iceland and the UK in our late 20’s who started Thugcraft in February. We wanted a good server with a small community of fun people to play on with. Since then we’ve built a great community of people with a healthy mix of EU and US players. We sometimes to community build events and we have UHC#4 this weekend.

Who are we looking for?
With universities started, we have a few spots open. We’re open to people of all skill levels and play styles!

Our rules are simple: No griefing/stealing/cheating. Chat is also English only.

The server is physically located in Germany. It’s an i7 with 16GB RAM, so it’s buttery smooth. We keep the view distance at the default 10 chunks. We always run the latest safe server jar from Mojang with mostly default settings. The only custom command blocks we have are for one player sleep and to make the dragon drop an egg and elytra every time it’s killed. We also regularly change out our End Gateways to teleport players further out to give new members a chance to raid end cities more easily. No one knows the world seed. We have set spawn protection to zero but any farms built in the spawn chunks are public domain. Entity cramming is also disabled. We do hourly world backups which are easy to restore as well as complete off site backups of the server.

We also have a Discord server and the chat in Discord is linked to our ingame chat, both ways! That said, we use voice a lot, so it’s a big plus if you have a mic! We have a website which is work in progress, as well as a subreddit.

PM me with a short intro about yourself (age, location, IGN, etc) and we’ll take it from there. 🙂

Peace out!