Normal Infinity Evolved 3.0.2 Server [Modded] [SMP] {Whitelist}…

Normal Infinity Evolved 3.0.2 Server [Modded] [SMP] {Whitelist} {12+}

I’m looking for 4 or 5 people to play with me on my private Infinity Evolved Normal server. The server will have almost 24/7 uptime, with weekly server reboots. If an unexpected reboot is needed, you will be alerted 15 minutes beforehand if possible.

Rules – 1. Don’t be an a-hole. No excessive swearing, and no racism or sexism. If claims of this are made against another player, they WILL be investigated. The punishment will depend on the severity of the transgression.

 2. Don't grief (Kind of goes with #1). 3. PvP MUST be consensual. 4. No world/server destroying activities 5. Cause as little lag as possible. 6. No banned items/mechanics/mods at the moment, but that may change depending on what happens as the server progresses. 

The server is located in New York state. I recommend that you be at least 13 to play, but exceptions can be made. To apply, PM me with the following information –



Why you want to join

Favorite mod

A bit about yourself

Do you agree with the rules


If you are accepted, I will reply to your message with the discord and IP.

Hope to see you on the server!