Crafthaven [PvP] {1.12} {Spells} {PvE} {Custom Combat}…

Crafthaven [PvP] {1.12} {Spells} {PvE} {Custom Combat} {Factions}

This server runs on version 1.12

This server was started way back in version Beta 1.6 of 2011 by a community of hardcore PVP players.

  • CraftHaven is a server mainly focused on PVP and factions. There is no spawning items, no flying, cheating, or any sort of hacking. Everyone fights fair and equally. You are allowed to raid other factions, and steal from chests that you manage to claim. Crafthaven is mainly focused on faction interactions, so we encourage you to fight for honor and power for your chosen allegiance. We also have a currency system that allows you to trade with shops and players.

  • Crafthaven has a class system which allows you to choose one of the three paths, all with unique abilities and skills. Choose your destiny, upgrade to powerful classes, and dominate the battlefield. We also have very friendly staff, and a great community with players that get along very well.

Server IP:

  • What we offer No griefing – Build without fear of your structures getting destroyed! No lag, everything is smooth, never fear of fighting with a disadvantage! 24/7! – the only downtime is when there is maintenance and fixes. Natural Landscape – No ugly pillars, griefs, giant quarry mines, or defaces on the landscape! Anti-cheat – Server runs many defenses against flying and X-rays, as well as other forms of cheating. Monsters – Monsters will wander around, giving great rewards if killed! They also have custom difficulty and will reward you money when killed. Great community – Staff are always willing to help, fix bugs and errors, and give tips! Unlike other servers, our staff won’t abuse powers. Community Wiki – We have a wiki ran by the community that includes all the information you need about the classes, mechanics, or anything on CraftHaven. PVP – PVP is enabled, and you are free to attack anyone that stands in your way!

  • Factions This server is all about the interaction between factions. We encourage you to wage war upon enemies, ally with your friends, and trade with your neighbors. Create giant fortresses to ward off enemies or establish trade routes to trade with your allies, it’s all depends on you. Choose your allegiance or found your own, and fight for honor and glory for your faction!

  • Classes At CraftHaven we have a unique class system. Choose your destiny and pick your class. Start has a lowly Novice and end as an envied Dreadweaver. Every class has unique spells, weapons and abilities. Check the wiki to see which you prefer, and master your chosen path. After mastering the class, it is not over. Every class has even more different specializations. In total, there are 21 different classes on CraftHaven. Help can be found by typing /class list ingame, or checking the wiki. The 3 main paths are:

    • Knight (Warrior type)
    • Scholar (Spellcaster type)
    • Wanderer (Rogue type)