TribalCraft [PvP] {1.12} {Economy} {Quests} {Skill Tree}…

TribalCraft [PvP] {1.12} {Economy} {Quests} {Skill Tree} {Tribes} {Open Beta}

Connect with 1.12 or newer:

TribalCraft is a new, built from scratch, adventure / clan hybrid PvP survival game. Players can found or join tribes, build in protected claims, wage war, quest for custom rewards, and run shops.

TribalCraft is envisioned as a persistent “empire builder” with a largely player-driven story. To that end, tribes can build their bases in protected claims that can only be damaged during wartime.

Here are some of our unique features:

  • Tower defense-like elements including mob spawners, projectile launchers, and sentries protect your base even when nobody is online

  • A managed PvP system with war declarations and potential negative consequences for PvP in specific situations

  • Multiple ranks in each tribe with varying levels of access

  • A questing system where nitwit villagers provide quests. You can even breed your own questgivers!

  • Custom encounter locations with unique abilities and powers

  • Custom enchants and banners which buff your teammates and provide for more strategic combat

  • A new perks system with ten different perks that buff specific abilities

  • An economy based on physical currency and a custom cash register system

  • Over 100 custom, decorative heads can be found in loot crates throughout the overworld, nether, and end

We’re currently in open beta, so there are still bugs and balance issues, but we’re close to being feature complete. Today marks the launch of phase II, which includes large scale incursion PvE events, a new perk tree, and many quality of life improvements.

Join us in game or learn more on our discord

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