SeraphicCraft [Vanilla] {Hermitcraft}…

SeraphicCraft [Vanilla] {Hermitcraft}

Hey! This is a true long-term hermitcraft-esque server (exact same gamerules, mob heads, dungeons etc.), where we’ve started a new map one month ago. It’s always nice to join a server thats on a pretty fresh map I think, so..

Who we’re looking for:

Looking for people who are friendly, easy going and interesting. Most important thing is that you’ll regularly play and be part of the community, and yeh just enjoy yourself c:

Age: 17+

Apply Here:

You can join the discord early and wait for a reply there, or I can pm/email you whether your application was succesful. thanks!

Server is really relaxed and I think comfy, I’ve accepted nice amiable, ‘mature’ people with common sense. I really hate overbearing admins, it should be obvious things that are acceptable and not: I mean it’s just be lighthearted and have fun. good luck!

More info + gamerules: