Oxide Network [Modded][SMP][Hardcore]{Project Ozone 2}{Titan…

Oxide Network [Modded][SMP][Hardcore]{Project Ozone 2}{Titan Mode}{Twitch}{1.7.10}{North America}

Oxide Network is a premium gaming community that provides a superior Minecraft server experience. We are currently looking for new members that want to play Project Ozone 2 while becoming a part of the Oxide Network community. We have not banned any items* and our server features some core plugins to enhance gameplay with others, including Essentials and Island World. We also provide extensive community resources to our members, including a Discord Server, an issue/suggestion tracker and community forums. In addition, we have a Store that offers EULA-compliant perks to our subscribing Contributors, and offers T-Shirts. We are not a Pay2Win community, so all Members, even Contributors, are on equal footing. Check us out at www.OxideNetwork.com and introduce yourself!

Project Ozone 2 is a tech-heavy, skyblock modpack created by TheCazadorSniper and available on the Twitch Launcher. If you have never used the the Twitch Launcher, please go here for install instructions.

Server IP: ozone2.oxidenetwork.com

Version: 2.3.0 (Titan Mode)

Island World is a land claim protection plugin that also features a team aspect and the ability to completely block outside players from entering your island area.

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Project Ozone 2 Server Rules

Server Specs and Stats:

North America

Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 |32GB RAM | 1TB SSD Intel DC S3K | 1 Gbps

*We may ban items that cause server crashes or that are banned by pack authors, but will restore them once the bugs have been resolved.