Octagami’s Omniverse [Hub][PvE][SMP] {1.12.2} {Towny}…

Octagami’s Omniverse [Hub][PvE][SMP] {1.12.2} {Towny} {Jobs} {McMMO} {Custom Mobs} {Economy} {Minigames} {Discord}

Octagami’s Omniverse

Server Location: USA

Website: http://omniverse.rocks

Wiki: http://ift.tt/2iPzLKG

Server Address: play.omniverse.rocks

Version: 1.12.2

Game Play Type/s: [SMP][PVE][Creative][Minigames]

Additional Worlds: Wastelands, Minigames PVP Wastelands, Farlands, Skylands, Casino, Shop, PVP Arena.

Description: Started in 2012, Octagami’s Omniverse is a server network dedicated to providing Minecraft multiplayer survival in a friendly environment. The main game changing elements that we provide are deep job progression system that supports both our new features and activities you enjoy in vanilla; customized, tougher mobs, customized jobs, a balanced and monitored economy, a robust and versatile chat system, and powerful survival building tools.

What’s Omni all about:

Tons of Exclusive Features Anti-Grief and Anti-Theft protection Build worlds are Never Wiped Active and Supportive Staff Player Ranks and Perks based on time played Zero Pay to Win Discord Voice Chat 


Exclusive new Towny version, written by us in 2016 Player run economy with a strong focus on balance 18 Custom Jobs, exclusive job system designed to encourage collaborative play 400+ Custom Mobs including Heroic and Legendary monsters Custom Items, Custom enchants, Custom Potions and More Resource World filled with treasure and structures Towny Maps Never Reset! 


Clash against your friends and fellow players in new game modes and arenas on Trident!

12 game modes

Over 50 Community built Arenas

Spleef Hunger games Parkour Capture the Flag Paintball and more! 

Trident is powered by a brand new Mini-games plugin framework, developed exclusively for OMM! You can expect a streamlined play experience, along with balanced gameplay.


Our Creative Server, Genesis, uses the PlotMe plugin

Themed Build Contests

Show off your creative skills!

Finally, the best reason to join our network is to find a permanent Minecraft home. We have been in continuous operation for 5 years! Although we have opened new servers, our survival servers have never once been wiped. Build your town and store your items confident that they will always be there when you return.

Rules: http://ift.tt/1Whoq3v

Plugins:[Towny] [Jobs] [McMMO] [LWC] [dynmap] and over 50 custom plugins

Owner: octagami

Pictures/Videos URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCquocj0a09E2o1-H9hKAYig

Facebook: http://ift.tt/1JxwIhA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialomm