Stellar Minecraft [Semi-Vanilla] [Adventure] [PvP] {WorldEdit}…

Stellar Minecraft [Semi-Vanilla] [Adventure] [PvP] {WorldEdit} {Regions} {Economy}

  • Server Name: Stellar Minecraft
  • Server Location: United States West Coast
  • Server Address:
  • Version: 1.11.2
  • Game Play Type/s: [Adventure] [Semi-Vanilla] [PvP]
  • Website:
  • Store:

  • Description:

I’ve brought up a new and simple just-for-fun survival Minecraft server, with a few perks. The idea is to keep the genuine survival Minecraft experience while allowing for some conveniences to make things more efficient, fun, and keep the server manageable and fair.

Usage of WorldEdit is allowed in your own regions and by players you add as owners in your region. Region flags are also usable so that you may freely assign flags to your regions.

Other than the ability to build more efficiently to save time and claim your own regions in the world, it’s a regular survival Minecraft server with an aim of 24/7 uptime, excluding maintenance windows, which will be announced in advance.

  • Rules: No Grief/Theft!; No cussing; No advertising; Have fun!; Keep it fun for others!

  • Server Hardware: Dedicated server: – SSD, Fiber, RAM increase
  • Plugins: [Essential] [WorldEdit] [BuycraftX] [WorldGuard]
  • Owner/Admins/Moderators: Banshiii