BreckMC [SMP]{ExtraHardMode}{Grief Prev.}{Epic World…

BreckMC [SMP]{ExtraHardMode}{Grief Prev.}{Epic World Gen}{slimefun}{mcMMO}{myPet}{Discord}{1.12.2}


Port: 25570

*BreckMC is a player equality, ZERO PAY TO WIN, challenging survival server. *

You will NEVER be hounded for a donation. We are just friends playing a game.

The focus of this server is simply survival gameplay with extra challenges and difficulty for those who find minecraft to easy and want that challenge.

(Now includes Mysterious Halloween for the month of October!)

Ready for a real challenge? Advanced Survival changes some core gameplay mechanics and creates hazards where none existed before. You may find yourself strapped for rare ores and avoiding hazards that you never expected.

  • Explore beautiful and dangerous lands created by Epic World Generator.

  • Due to hard stone being extra damaging to pickaxes, and falling rocks and dirt, you must find and explore cave systems for your resources. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it becomes.

  • Tunnel using TNT and its greatly increased blasts. Better get back when you set it off.

  • Find the portal to Aluria, a skyworld, to hunt for Exotic Gardens plants only found there. Battle Specters and take their ectoplasm to fly from sky island to sky island.

  • Take on the Ender Dragon like never before thanks to Extra Hard Mode. The time it takes to gear up with your friends will make this battle truly satisfying to win.

If you have any questions or troubles feel free to message us or join our discord. Just type /discord in chat to get a discord invite. ~~~~ NOTABLE PLUGINS:

  • Extra Hard Mode (For an idea of what to expect watch this video from the extra hard mode creator)
  • MYSTERIOUS Halloween ( For the month of October)
  • Epic World Generator
  • Grief Prevention
  • McMMO
  • MyPet (Newest Addition!)
  • Slimefun
  • Exotic Gardens
  • Armor Stand Editor
  • Auto Chest and Inv sorting (Toggleable)


  • Be civil
  • This is survival, if it’s outside of land claim, then it’s fair game.
  • No begging for free stuff. We’re all on equal footing here
  • PVP is allowed – So be friendly, but cautious.

My wife and I run this server for fun and there are no donation perks. All players are on equal footing besides the obvious mods powers. You’ll never be bugged by annoying donation reminders, since there are none. If you feel like you want to donate to the upkeep, contact us on Discord.