[Wanted][PvP] PvP Servers – Incredibly picky, sorry in advance…

[Wanted][PvP] PvP Servers – Incredibly picky, sorry in advance {Economy}


I’ll be completely honest, I’m really picky when it comes to servers. Back then, PvP servers were always my favorite to play on. When I started playing, my first server I consistently went on was PvP, with Mcmmo and an economy. There were no factions, there was no world border, and there were no kits. Then in recent years, I played on another PvP server (named Sibash, I miss it so much) that had factions, mcmmo, “world dungeons”, an economy, and so on. I miss that feeling I would get from those servers, especially since the communities always had about 5-15 people on at a time. I’m not necessarily looking for everything in my list, but as close to as many as those as possible would be appreciated.

What I am Seeking

1) The server MUST be exclusively PvP.
-> When servers have PvP, Creative, Survival, and 15 other modes available, it dilutes the real amount of players in a given mode. Limiting it to exclusively PvP makes it feel more alive.
2) The server MUST have a “non-item based” economy.
-> What I mean by non-item based is that the economy should not be based on trading things like diamonds and emeralds for various items. If I wanted that, I’d just get a bunch of villagers. I typically like the generic /buy and /sell due to ease of access, but an actual “store area” is aesthetically pleasing. An exception to this was in Sibash, where currency was in terms of Gold nuggets, ingots, and blocks on your person and interacted with commands like /buy and /sell.
3) The server should have no World Border, or at least a large border.
-> World Borders limit your range. I understand their purpose, but they can be frustrating. If one is included, I’d like one that doesn’t limit everyone to like, 5,000 in all directions. I’d probably say I would prefer at least 15,000.
4) The server does not have factions.
-> This one is iffy in my opinion. I dislike factions because I only have so much time in the week to dedicate to a server (College). Being in one or running one requires consistent attention or else you are screwed, especially since claimed land gives you a notification upon entering. I usually end up going solo with a /sethome and, if involved in a faction, I donate a portion of what I get to that faction. So simply put, I would like a server without factions, but I won’t object if the server has them.
5) The server has kits that do not negate hard work.
-> I have played on servers before where kits straight up give you a stack of cooked steak, full enchanted diamond weapons and armor, and enchanted bow with a stack of arrows. I’m sorry, but why would I even bother actually playing the game then, if every hour I can just type /kit starter and get end game gear for PvP early on? If kits are present, they should be a good starter set to give you ample time to work upwards.
6) Warps and Sethome.
-> Half of this is a must and the other half is just preference. If you have areas for shopping, teleports, things like that, please for the love of good give your players access to warp to those locations. I was on a server where the spawn was in a tower 500 blocks from the city where you exchanged currency for goods. There were no warps for non-mods and non-admins. It would consume about half of your hunger to get there and about 3 minutes due to the path and locations. There should be at least one Sethome. If no factions are used, I would like two, but it isn’t needed.
7) A sense of community.
-> Are the admins and moderators the type to communicate frequently with members, sparking conversation in chat between everyone? Will people PvP, but act reasonably? Is it just friendly all-around? I’d like a sense of community in the server, as it makes me more likely to stick around.


I’m picky as all hell when it comes to servers. I’m also really bad at searching through here at /r/mcservers and at PlanetMinecraft to locate the servers that match my criteria. Again, not all of these are musts, mainly the first two, so if your server at least meets those two conditions, feel free to post your server details. I look forward to seeing what you guys have to offer!