[Wanted][PvP] {Factions} Looking for a new Factions server to…

[Wanted][PvP] {Factions} Looking for a new Factions server to replace an old favorite!

Hey! Longtime player here, returning from a very long hiatus. I’m a career Factions player as of the 1.5.2 and 1.6.4 days, continuing into 1.7, but I kinda stopped playing just after 1.8 came out. I just got back into the game and now I’m looking for a Factions server to play on.

My old favorite Factions server back in 1.5-1.6 was a relatively small outfit called ScavengerCraft. Their community was small enough that it was accessible for someone looking to go it alone or build a small faction with a few friends, but large enough to have a solid player base with frequent conflict. What was also really nice is that the server had some plugin-based things like a currency system and central shop, but wasn’t to the extent of some other factions servers (ahem MassiveCraft) where MCMMO rules meaning that it’s insanely hard for new players to get into it. Also, as a redstoner, it was very encouraging to see TNT enabled.

So, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Factions.

  • Compatible with 1.12.1 (some clientside mods I have, like voxelmap, don’t work with 1.12.2). However if a given server is perfect in other ways then I’ll sacrifice the mods.

  • Small enough player base such that everyone knows everyone, the server isn’t ruled by several massive factions, and the area around spawn isn’t totally destroyed, but large enough that it’s not dead half the time.

  • Ideally some sort of infrastructure like a central shop and possibly daily kits, but not too much, like please no MCMMO.

  • A culture based more around small faction raids rather than large faction wars. SMP non-factions is on one end of the spectrum, MassiveCraft’s factions is on the other end, I’m looking for something in the middle but leaning more towards SMP.

  • TNT enabled, and ideally easily accessible via shops or a daily kit.

Last but not least, I always enjoy helping new communities get on their feet. I don’t know a ton about the Minecraft-specific bits (plugin management, building good spawns, etc) but I do know quite a bit about general management and administration, so if anyone has a server fitting these criteria that they’d like help growing, let me know.

Thanks so much!