RawMinecraft [Vanilla][SMP]{1.12.2} NAME: RawMinecraftIP:…

RawMinecraft [Vanilla][SMP]{1.12.2}

NAME: RawMinecraft
IP: rawminecraft.com
TYPE: Vanilla Survival

First, please check out our players creations at our website!:

RawMinecraft is vanilla survival server for builders with a proven track record. It has been running the same map with controlled resets (8,000 blocks around spawn was reset for 1.9) since Oct 2014. Most of the mega builds remain untouched. Even if you get griefed, the owner provides rollback services for the bases that are far enough from the spawn. The world backups are taken everyday. The server runs the original Mojang jar, not Bukkit, nor Spigot, therefore no plugins. It can be challenging to identify griefers and cheaters without plugins, but we use our original innovative player tracking system (http://ift.tt/1fU89lk) to pinpoint them.

What makes this server unique is that there is only 1 admin, who is also the owner. The purpose of it is to prevent abuse of admins using commands to get items or going into creative mode. At the same time, this protects the integrity of your survival builds on the server. The downside of having only 1 admin is compensated by the series of my original python scripts that runs in the background protecting the server. This is not a server plug-in. Again, it is not possible to install plug-ins on the Mojang jar server. My scripts simply automates the process of an admin reading through the logs and typing server commands into the console.

Players can share their screenshots at our website http://ift.tt/1HVLBdW to show off their hard work. All of which are built in the survival mode.

No griefing.
No stealing.
No hacked mods/clients.
No AFK machines.
No prejudice slurs.
The PvP is turned on, but it is only allowed with consent of all involved parties.
Respect other player’s items and creations.

Move far away from the spawn. Build a temporary place at 3,000+ to get armor, then move farther eventually. I will rollback your base from a backup to recover any damage caused by griefing only if your base’s coordinates x and z sums up to 20,000 or above.