llamaworld [Vanilla] {18+} {Greylist} This is a vanilla…

llamaworld [Vanilla] {18+} {Greylist}

This is a vanilla survival server for adult minecraft players. Map was recently wiped, come start fresh with us! We have land protection plugins to keep your builds safe and check new players for bans/griefing history. This is a laid back server, no PvP unless in a designated area. We have player shops, a ore bank to trade for currency and an admin shop to spend your hard earned currency. We also have discord for all server info and announcements.

discord: http://ift.tt/2wkx9Qa

IP: llamaworld.us


Must be 18+ NO exceptions.

No Griefing.

No Stealing.

PvP is only allowed on your own land or in a designated area such as an arena.

Claim your land with a golden shovel (first chest laid creates a claim around it)

No drama/bullshit/fighting we’re adults here please don’t be assholes.

Don’t ask for /tpa, you already have /home & /back on a vanilla server and it makes me sad.

Mods and Admin will kick or ban without hesitation if you’ve already been warned. This is a fun place, keep it a fun place.

Can you spawn me a ___? No.

Can my kids under 18 play? No.