KycoPvP [Semi-vanilla] [PvP] {Custom} {Enchantment} {Factions}…

KycoPvP [Semi-vanilla] [PvP] {Custom} {Enchantment} {Factions}

NAME: KycoPvP IP: TYPE: Factions Survival, small mini games

+ABOUT KycoPvP v1.8.8 and above, is a fun and free to play faction minecraft server with custom enchants and custom crates. Fully 24/7, potpvp, spleef and etc. Server will always be constantly updating and feel free to suggest. We are always open to more suggestion to improve the server. As for people wanting to apply for staff, do not worry. The server is fairly new with a small community and hiring too many staff will not work just yet. Play the server abit more and who knows, next thing you know, you might be hired. The pure concept of this server is to make a free to play minecraft faction server where I wish to create a growing community that does not pay to win, because of the server concept. I made all this with a budget as I do not wish to earn from it, all I wish was to have fun and create a nice community among minecraft. Donations would the server, all donations will be put back to the server to make it better. My wish is just to make a successful minecraft server that is free to play and not just a minecraft server “business”. I will always be updating the server and making it better, there’re always going to improvements added to the server. I’m the only dev of the server, and I will be putting my all into the server to make it greater. More crates and custom enchantments will be added, more minigames that can be played within the faction world itself. My goal is the make an ALL in One server that is FREE TO PLAY for the public to enjoy and not worry about people paying just because they want to win.

+RULES No hacked mods/clients. No duping No advertising

+GUIDELINES Do /kits then /warp misc to read the rules and tips on getting started. Do /wild make a simple underground hidden base to store stuff and start a cactus farm to get started. From then on it will be a smooth sail.

+ADMIN/OWNER Owner – Shiriko Co Owner – Grizzly Admin – VentusIsBored