Gridania Fantasy [Modded] {Survival} {Whitelist} {1.10.2}…

Gridania Fantasy [Modded] {Survival} {Whitelist} {1.10.2} {Discord} {Grief-Prevention} {Economy}

Welcome to Gridania Fantasy


Hey there! I am the owner of Gridania Fantasy, hoping to recruit some new players to our server. Gridania Fantasy is a modded survival server on version 1.10.2. We have roughly 110 mods and an active discord server for members. At Gridania Fantasy we strive to have a close-knit and friendly community where you can enjoy your time in minecraft peacefully. We are whitelisted and have several grief-protection features in place. I have outlined the rules and many notable features below:

Server Rules: We don’t have a ton of rules, but we take the ones we do have very seriously.

  • Respect. Any form of verbal abuse, violence, threats or griefing is prohibited. We ask each and every member to be respectful when interacting within the discord and Minecraft server. Rules are pretty relaxed but verbal abuse, violence, or griefing will get yourself a quick ticket out of here. Please try to keep things friendly and respectful.

  • Responsibility. Every single member of the server are required to be as responsible as they possibly can be. Tying in with respect, members are asked to take care of the server while using it. It can be as simple as covering gaping holes after you mined some stone on the surface, or not using TNT to destroy the natural beauty of Gridania. Every member of the server is responsible for his or her self and will be held to uphold the rules and expectations outlined.

  • Integrity. No exploiting, glitch abuse, or anything like that – instead of abusing these, always report them and you may get a reward!

    Notable Features:

    • New Places to Explore. We designed this modpack with your interest in mind! Adventure through new biomes, fight your way through intense battle towers, or maybe even learn a bit of magic. Gridania Fantasy’s developers aim for your entertainment!
    • Hundreds of new Tools, Items, and Blocks. The possibilities with this pack are truly endless. Experience dynamic tools that level as you use them, decorate the perfect home, or scour the land for random loot!
    • Interact With Mobs In New Ways. To bump up the immersion, Gridania Fantasy has included several mods that alter and add new mobs to minecraft! Raise and train new animals, breed the perfect livestock, marry the love of your life, or face off in epic battles during the wee hours of the night!
    • Experience The Blood Moon. The entirety of Gridania’s lore is built around the Blood Moon. If you spend some time in Gridania, you will have a chance to see the surreal threat that is a Blood Moon and even possibly discover some of the lore on this plague that terrorizes Gridania.
    • Gravestones. Gone are the days where losing all your items on death was a problem! Now you will drop a gravestone upon your untimely demise. Even better news, it will not despawn and your minimap will automatically mark a waypoint for your death location in the default settings
    • Player Shops. For those who feel like sharing isn’t caring, the craftable vending block will bring your Minecraft story to the next level! Share your awesome findings and fruits of your labor with the community!
    • Grief-Protection. One of the biggest fears of servers are griefers. We understand how awful it feels to have your things damaged or stolen and we have a solution. Our anti-grief system allows you claim an allowed amount of chunks for yourself! With this new feature, players will not be able to damage your property without you allowing them to! If that isn’t enough, an exclusive Spectre Room can solve even the heaviest of worries.
    • Organized Interface. Gridania offers a meticulously detailed GUI and interface to help you keep track of all the cool new features!(edited)
    • Optifine. If the new features sound a little heavy for you, we have a fix! The clientside mod included in the pack will help with all your lag related problems or enhance the world for the stronger systems!(edited)
    • Custom Texture Pack. On the topic of enhancing visuals, we have a modified Soartex Fanver texture pack created specifically for Gridania!
How To Apply?

Join our Discord and find our Server Support channel to apply and find more information! Please read all rules and info provided beforehand! Thank you!