GGGamers Fun and Friendly Server is now Live!…

GGGamers Fun and Friendly Server is now Live! [Hub][PvP][Minigames]{Factions}{Towny}{Survival}{Economy}{Custom Quests}{1.8-1.12}

Hi everybody! My name is Joshua and I am one of the owners of a new server being built! We are a team of around 10 people currently working on the server, one builder that has already built on 22 public servers The server is a fun and friendly server to be on and full of things to do and places to discover. Of course we offer you the possibility to be a megalomaniac in Factions or to become the King in Towny if you are into that but we also offer you to chill out in hub, do survival or even creative. As content makers, we will be streaming and making videos from whatever is happening on the server so you could risk of being caught on camera 😉 If you go to our website you can read more about our project. Join our server here: If you also are a skilled builders and/or experienced minecrafter you can contact us about helping out on server. If you have the right stuff that is ;-):

Rules No Discrimination No Racism No Hacks (more on server)