AstroSkyblock [PvE] {Unique Player Shopkeepers} *Server IP:…

AstroSkyblock [PvE] {Unique Player Shopkeepers}

*Server IP: Forums:


Store: ** (Note: Minecraft market has reported having a problem on their side with market links not working currently. If you wish to donate, please check back later. In the meantime, players will have the opportunity to purchase ranks with in-game items)

*About * AstroSkyblock is a brand new server that focuses on a positive player experience! All staff members, including myself, are meant to play the game the same way as any other player so that aspects of the server that could use improvement are easily evaluated. AstroSkyblock is intended to be a small community where regular players can get to know each other through trading in-game as well as on the forums and discord.

*Donator Ranks * Because AstroSkyblock aims to have the best community possible, we have implemented rules and donator ranks that aim to include as many people as possible. Breaking the rules results in an extremely light punishment that is only issued if necessary. If you know you messed up, come clean and you won’t even suffer the short tempban or mute! If you are interested in applying for staff but you made a mistake in the past and got tempbanned or muted, you are encouraged to apply–past offenses will not be held against you!

Are you interested in standing out in chat or gaining extra perks but don’t have lots of money to spend? This is the server for you! Unlike other servers where the ranks start at $25+ and go upwards of $150, ranks here start at $2.50 and go up to $10! These ranks are meant to be affordable to as many players as possible!

Do you want a donor rank but aren’t able to donate for one? No worries! Staff are happy to assist you with paying other players with in-game items in exchange for a rank by holding the items until the transaction processes so that you are protected from being scammed! If you cannot meet the prices upgraders are asking or can’t find someone to upgrade you, no worries–there will be opportunities to win or earn ranks for free in-game! We want everyone who wants to be a donator to be included, regardless of whether your donation is monetary or simply your time being a part of the community!

*Youtuber Ranks * AstroSkyblock does provide youtuber ranks; however, not in the same way other servers do. While most servers require you to have subscribers, you can claim a youtuber rank on AstroSkyblock if you take the time and make the effort to post just one video featuring AstroSkyblock and including the server IP in the video description. It does not matter if it’s your first video ever or if it even gets viewed! Your effort it greatly appreciated and is deserving of a rank! Of course, if you are interested in making a series of AstroSkyblock videos, your work will be rewarded with a promotion to the youtuber+ rank.

*Staff Ranks * All staff applications should be posted in the proper section of the forums ( There are no specific requirements for becoming staff; however, your chances of being promoted are higher if you show that you put a lot of effort into the application, are helpful in-game, and show that you are able to work with the rest of the staff team. The starting rank will be decided per applicant at the discretion of current staff. Please note that staff applications are accepted in waves, and staff will not be accepted immediately so that applicants can be evaluated on their dedication to the server without a staff rank. We aim to give everyone a chance to be part of the staff team; however, that is just not possible. Please do not let this discourage you from applying if you don’t have any previous staff experience. AstroSkyblock is the perfect server to learn!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you on the server!