Onederland [SMP] {Discord} {1.12.1} {40 players} {No Whitelist}…

Onederland [SMP] {Discord} {1.12.1} {40 players} {No Whitelist} {Dynmap} {PVP Arena} {MobArena} {Dungeons}

The Server:

Onederland is our Survival Multiplayer server! We are live and ready to accept new players into our world. We are excited to see what you build here. Upon join you will spawn into our protected town at the waters edge. In the town spawn you will find signs listing all of our rules and expectations from players. Also in the town at spawn we have 2 NPC’s that explain the Shopkeepers shop creation plugin and the GriefPrevention Claim system (with the golden shovel and you start with 100 claimable blocks and you gain more, the more you play on the server). Also check out our Mob Arena and PVP arena for more fun. There are join signs for these arenas in the town that you will find. Players also have access to the “/bed” command and the “/warp town” command to get around the map easier.

  • Our dynmap:


  • MobArena (A custom arena to fight waves of mobs in for rewards)

  • PVP Arena (A custom arena in the sky to challenge and do battle with people on the server)

  • FirstJoinPlus (first time joiners get a bed, 3 book manuals, and 1 trade shop spawn egg)

  • MobHealth (provides health bars on all entities and mobs)

  • EasyWarp (to provide easy warps to the town spawn using /warp town)

  • Shopkeepers (allows players to make buy/sell/trade shops with a chest and provided spawn egg)

  • BedHome (giving use of the /bed command to instantly warp to your bed)

  • Dynmap (to view a real-time map of our server:

  • Griefprevention (allows players to make land claims thus protecting their builds)

  • Phatloots (various lottable chest around the map)

  • MythicMobs (providing unique mobs in dungeons and around the map)

  • HolographicDisplays (provides easy to read floating displays with information around the map)

  • Worldguard (provides protected regions near spawn)

  • Citizens2 (immersive NPC’s around the map to give instructions and act as guards)


  • No griefing

  • No spamming the chat

  • No advertising in the chat

  • Do no ask for OP privileges (we will ask you)

  • Respect all players

  • Obey the server staff

  • No mods or hacked clients

  • Don’t be a jerk

Once you are ready to venture out of the town spawn you are on your own. After you leave the town spawn there are main roads that leave the town into the wilderness where you are free to claim your space and make your adventures. Feel free to connect your builds to the main road with a connecting road. All you need to do is mine, craft, and of course have fun! If you have any further questions feel free to ask us in game. Zombies don’t scare you? Then you’re the perfect candidate! How long can you survive? Lets see! Our server address: