Zach’s Collection [Semi-Vanilla]{Monthly Events}{Active…

Zach’s Collection [Semi-Vanilla]{Monthly Events}{Active Staff}{Discord}{No Griefing}

  • Server Name: Zach’s Collection
  • Server Location: United States East Coast
  • Website: None
  • Subreddit: None
  • Wiki: None
  • Server Address:
  • Version: 1.12
  • Gameplay Types: [Semi-Vanilla]
  • Additional Worlds: None

  • Description: A semi-vanilla server with a twist! Gameplay wise you can explore, fight, steal, mine, anything you want, with the only plugins being a donator nickname plugin. However we have a strict no-griefing policy, which I was told by some current players that that makes this server kind of like a “towns” server, but with pvp and theft. This is not a factions server, it is a vanilla survival server. So if you’re looking for hardcore large-scale PvP battles for conquest of a large base, this isn’t the place for you. On top of the vanilla survival, the “twist” is that I will be hosting a special server event at least once a month that can be anything from a competition for special in-game prizes, exploration of a custom dungeon, or the conquest of a sinister creature. Join today!

  • Rules: No harassment; no hacking; no griefing; No spam; / Official Rules are on our Discord Server

  • Owner/Admins/Moderators: ZachJPZ, Shadowlink72, VoidOfCreation, Maby51