VanillaCubed [Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.12.2}{17+}…

VanillaCubed [Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.12.2}{17+}

Here’s a fancy infographic I did for a forum to start things off. Should be fairly clear and concise for those who prefer the format.

Server Info

Season 2 is now live!


Season 1 Map:

Season 2 Map(WIP):


Server Location: Canada

Version: 1.12.2

Season 2 Launch Date: 9/9/2017


Vanilla³ Season 2 is a semi-vanilla server following in the footsteps of a couple dozen close players from season 1. We put emphasis on community built farms for the benefit of the server, and several collaborative builds. To step up our game but not go completely modded we decided as a community of friends to add some additions that change the approach of the game. For season 2 we have custom generated terrain, custom structures and increased dungeon count. Plus some minor tweaks we already had in season 1. All those additions are made to enhance the game while keeping the vanilla experience. We hope to see you soon on the server.


  • Custom Biomes

  • Custom Structures

  • Increased Dungeon Count

  • One-player Sleeping

  • Mob Head Drops

  • Increased Shulker Shell Drops

  • Disabled Enderman Griefing

  • Ender Dragon Elytra Drops

  • Disabled Firespread

  • The End will be reset on the first of every month from this point forward, if you have anything outside of -500, -500 to 500, 500 please tell me so I can avoid deleting that area. If something has been deleted let me know and i’ll restore the area for you.


  • No Hacks/Cheats

  • No mods that provide an unfair advantage

  • No PvP unless both parties consent to it

  • Do not steal or grief

  • No racism/excessive harassment

  • Respect others in general

  • Ask before building close to someone. Use your own judgement on proper distance and please leave them plenty of space for future projects and expansions.

You are free to exploit any glitches within Minecraft itself as long as it is within reason and does not ruin the experience for others. Use common sense and if you’re unsure don’t be afraid to ask. That being said we’ve added a few restrictions on duping. Any item on this list is fine, I just urge you not to go overboard. – Rails

  • Carpet

  • Gravity Blocks (Sand, Concrete, Gravel, Anvils, Dragon Eggs)

  • TNT

How to Join

If the server has garnered your interest and you want to apply submit an application below, via pm, or join our discord server.

  • IGN:

  • Discord:

  • Age:

  • Location/Timezone:

  • A little about yourself:

  • How you got interested in Minecraft:

  • What can you bring to the server:

  • Pictures(Optional):