T-Craft [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {18+} {Discord}…

T-Craft [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {18+} {Discord} {hermitcraft}

Looking for a no grief server free of kids?? Check out T-Craft!

T-Craft is a 1.12.2 Vanilla MC Survival server for 18+.

Command Blocks for:

  • One Player Sleep
  • Extra Shulker Drops
  • No-Grief Enderman
  • New Hermit Advancements

T-Craft is seeking a variety of active players that contribute to the community. We are only accepting 20 players to the server so APPLY now!

http://ift.tt/2x605XD <—Application Form

Server Rules:

  • No Griefing
  • No Stealing
  • Don’t build in someone’s area without permission
  • 18+

These are really the only limitations. We are just a group of adults that like to play a hassle free game of Minecraft. This should be looked at as a long term project. Everyone on the server is pretty laid back and likes to joke around. Some pranks are fine between friends. If you’re looking for a group of friends to build with, this is the place for you. Everyone is encouraged to have a mic. We regularly use Discord and try to have group events every so often.

Check out our Discord for more info.


Hope to see your application soon!