Sirensmp [Semi-Vanilla] {whitelist} Server Name: SirenSMP…

Sirensmp [Semi-Vanilla] {whitelist}

Server Name: SirenSMP

Location: United States

Gameplay Type: Vanilla based Survival

Welcome, SirenSMP is a vanilla based server with the goal of replicating the true Minecraft experience. What that means every item is either gathered or traded for, not spawned in or received from donating. SirenSMP is not an easy server, its meant for players that want to sit back and play the game how it was intended to be played. Although we wish we could label ourselves as a true vanilla server, that wouldn’t be true. There are a few plugins that are in place to protect our players from rare instances of griefing and theft.




Chest Protection


A simple / true survival experience


1.) Be Mature. While we do not have an age restriction, it is expected that players are somewhat mature on the server.

2.) No Glitching / Cheating of any sort. This is a vanilla survival server, there is something wrong with you if you join this server with the intention to cheat. You’re cheating yourself.

3.) Be Respectful to all Members.

4.) No Griefing or Theft. You will be banned and all the damage you caused can be rolledback either way. While we don’t have a complex rule book, we generally expect our players to just behave as decent human beings.

How to be Whitelisted

Visit our discord to post the application:

Please use the following format when posting a whitelist application on our discord channel.

► Your IGN:

► How long have you been playing Minecraft?

► A little bit about yourself? (this can be brief)

► Why do you want to join this server?

Server IP:

Discord Link: