Pagemaster [SMP] {1.12} {McMMO} {Towny} {LWC} {Jobs} {Discord}…

Pagemaster [SMP] {1.12} {McMMO} {Towny} {LWC} {Jobs} {Discord} {CraftBook} {AuctionHouse} {Ranks} {VoteCraft}

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Server Version: 1.12




Pagemaster has been up and running for near 4 years, and we’ve finally caught up with updating plugins, adding new plugins and giving it a fresh new look. We have a brand new map, updated to 1.12. We’ve added many new plugins as well. We are a small community that like to get to know our players. We also hope that you. Only some of our plugins are listed in the title above. Feel free to visit the website for more information on our server. We keep the website updated as new things are being worked on or released to the server. We advise that all new members joining take a look at the website and join it to also grab our free rank offered. We hope to see you on the server!


  • Jobs
  • McMMO
  • CrazyAuctions
  • Towny
  • Artmap
  • CratesPlus
  • LWC
  • PlayerVaults
  • CraftBook


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