The Junction [Semi-Vanilla]{SMP}{Greylist}{16+} Who are we? The…

The Junction [Semi-Vanilla]{SMP}{Greylist}{16+}

Who are we?

The Junction is a vanilla survival server that was recently created by multiple players who all have previous experience owning and operating multiple minecraft servers, both vanilla and modded. We have all come together to bring the Minecraft community a new vanilla server experience. Our current map was started on July 27, loaded in the 1.12 version. The current server version is 1.12.1. The map consists of a 5k soft border. We are a a tight knit community with approximately 15-20 players on at most times. We even have a render distance of 10 chunks!

Our goal and Purpose

We want to give the community a vanilla Minecraft server that will be around for the long haul. We are all very passionate about having a Minecraft map that does not run a constant fear of being reset. We want to create a culture within our server that anybody can approach a fellow server member, or jump in our discord voice channels and not feel intimidated. One of our largest focuses is the community, and making sure everybody feels welcome. We are also hosting weekly events and activities on our Event Server involving CUSTOM maps for whoever is interested in joining with players from all sides of the world!


The only plugins that we run on this server are for the safety of others, such as CoreProtect.

How to Join

The server runs on a grey list, this means that you can join through our IP to run and look around to see if you are interested in applying. To apply is simple, just join our discord or post your application in our subreddit under the stickied post.


  1. Respect other members or find yourself chat muted.
  2. No game changing mods, this is a vanilla server. Things like JourneyMap and BetterVillagerTrading is fine, but not X-Ray packs or similar.
  3. Have a good time, we’re here to play a game.
  4. No griefing. While pranks are allowed and encouraged, the destruction of others property (living or otherwise) never is. Ask a mod if you have any reservations before doing something.
  5. No cheating allowed, this includes X-ray clients, glitching, and dupes.

Server IP:

Discord: (Highly Recommended)

Admin Team: Hilltest, Sana_, TheOpie, _Saturn1, Margnick, Hams__, Jaxenne, Mighty_Pig, Azazel_77, YuriSousa