THE HOLY THURSDAY – Mature, Technical and Friendly Community!…

THE HOLY THURSDAY – Mature, Technical and Friendly Community! [SMP][Vanilla]{Whitelist}

On The Holy Thursday server, we play survival vanilla minecraft (difficulty hard), while focusing our gameplay on building large redstone farms and beautiful constructions.

Our main focus is to play with mature and understanding players (griefers are not tolerated) while having fun pranking each other, building farms, shops, large bases and generally chilling about.

The general rules are:

*Be respectful to other players.

*Don’t steal/grief/cheat.

*Have fun.

In order to get the best community on our server, the players have to go through a short process of whitelisting, to make sure that they are fit for our server.

Please if you are even half interested, try this out! Contact me, and we will get you whitelisted! We are highly active on the server, and we strive to make it as fun as possible for everyone. So if you would like to try the server, add me on Skype/Steam/Discord:

*Skype: muli.silman18



General conditions to join:

*Be mature

*Be fun to be around ;D

*Age 15 and above

*Also, we have a discord server for all our players, and we are very friendly 🙂 *