SwiftCraft [PvE] {1.12.2} {Grief Prevention} About the Server:…

SwiftCraft [PvE] {1.12.2} {Grief Prevention}

About the Server: SwiftCraft was founded on the 19th August 2016, and has been active and running 24/7 until now.
It features a PvE world that never got reset (and probably never will) and a resource world that gets resetted on every update that adds new stuff that generates on the world (so building on this resource world is not recommended because it will get reset on the future)

Server IP: swiftcraft.mcph.eu

Server Discord: http://ift.tt/2y8fnPj

Server Version: Minecraft 1.12.2 (always updated to the latest Minecraft version)

Server Rules:

[1] No hacks are allowed;
[2] Do not insult any player or staff member;
[3] Do not advertise any other server without the permission of any staff member;
[4] Swearing is allowed if not excessive;
[5] Do not grief;
[6] Do not make traps to kill other players;
[7] Do not spam;
[8] Do not ask to be a staff member.