Stonewick [SMP]{Semi-Vanilla}{Adults…

Stonewick [SMP]{Semi-Vanilla}{Adults 18+}{1.12.1}{Whitelist}{Active Community}{Friendly Staff}{Economy}{GriefPrevention}{DynMap}

We currently operating under a soft close on applications and only have a few more spots open on our server. We are looking for exceptional applications and players who are passionate about becoming a part of our family.

We are on a brand new map and just opened September 3rd 2017! We are an semi-vanilla SMP for adults ages 18 and up, with a few plugins to enhance vanilla play. We are a laid-back group of ages 18+ adults looking to form a fun, stress-free environment with others. Our server is VERY active thanks to having so many members from ALL AROUND the world AND having our server chat hooked to our Discord chat!

Our spawn was inspired by small-town living. Complete with a park, an old-fashioned mall, and community center. Inspired by beloved games such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Stonewick is co-admined by a married couple (jellyplz & pointyy) who are young at heart and hope to meet new friends on this journey! Visit Our Website or Read Our Rules

Key Features:

  • DynMap
  • Grief Protection
  • New Map, 100% Vanilla Terrain Generation
  • Beautiful Map & Spawn Amenities
  • Player Percentage Sleeping
  • Emerald Based Economy
  • Nether Warp Transportation System
  • Players from All Over the World (Activity in ALL Time Zones!)
  • No access to /spawn, /home, or /warp
  • Active Discord
  • Informational Wiki
  • Guided Player Tour at Spawn
  • Newbie Friendly Community
  • Eula Compliant
  • Adult Staff Members (Who actually play the game too!)
  • Geeky Jokes & Hidden Secrets/Easter Eggs


Server Basics:

  • Located in Chicago
  • Reliable host
  • Protected from DDOS attacks
  • MobGrief & Firespread are OFF
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Cheat Detections & Block Logging


Our Rules:

  • Be kind and courteous to all members. Displays of toxic behavior that affect the community negativly will not be tolerated.
  • Keep chat relatively family-friendly, occasional swearing is fine. Just remember, everything in moderation.
  • Players must be ages 18+. No exceptions.
  • Recruitment of the server is the sole duty of admin and staff.
  • No griefing. This includes stealing from claimed/unclaimed chests, pranking players without their consent, harvesting farms or animals that belong to other players, mass terraforming/deforestation in unclaimed areas, or destroying builds/items placed by other players.
  • Keep the map pretty. No stray torches, floating trees, abandoned boats/craft benches, or 1×1 towers.
  • Do not build or harvest within two hundred blocks of other players’ builds without consent. Just because a a build isn’t claimed, doesn’t mean you can build next to it. Mining should be in your area and the general 200 block buffer around your area. (This is because our map is small right now.)
  • Animal/mob rooms should be kept at a reasonable entity number or they will be culled.
  • Redstone devices or mob grinders should be controlled by an on/off switch and not left on. Floating redstone machines are not allowed.
  • X-ray, flying, hacking mods, or the use of in-game exploits is strictly prohibited.
  • Circumventing the AFK timer kick is prohibited.


Who We Whitelist:

We are looking for quality of players, not quantity. We hope to find active players who are ages 18+. Players who appreciate the love and hardwork two people have poured into the server and want to participate in its community. We aren’t just building blocks, we’re building friendships. The majority of our players are coming from console to PC. We’re a very warm, friendly community and patient with all questions as we know it can be a hassle to switch over!

See What Our Members Say About Us ~ or ~ Apply for Whitelist

We look forward to seeing you in game! 🙂